Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party!

The thing I had been dreading for months finally happened. My daughter asked me to throw her a Unicorn party for her 5th birthday. And not just any Unicorn party, but a Rainbow Unicorn party!! Now this is not a knock on all the beautiful Unicorn parties I’ve seen over the past year, but if you know anything about me, you know that it’s hard for me to find inspiration when my pallet consists of mainly pink and unicorns and rainbows! lol. I had to dig deep for this one. I literally changed my mind about a dozen times on decor but when it was finally all said and done, my daughter LOVED her rainbow unicorn party and I LOVED that it was complete! 😛

I’ve said this before but when I’m usually starting the party planning process, I always like to start with the dessert table and work my way out. Since I couldn’t decide on what that was going to look like, I saved it to the very end (and when I mean very end, I mean like the day before!). Instead, I decided to work my way from the beginning, which literally meant the front door!

I made this fun welcome sign that greeted guests before they came inside.

I also included a simple rainbow sign on the front door that directed guests to just come on in, since the majority of the party was taking place in the backyard and we didn’t want to miss hearing the bell ring.

When guests walked in, they were greeted with a big surprise!

We put these huge rainbow banners up a few days prior to the party and I’ll admit things felt just a little happier in our home! Lol. After walking through the rainbow arch, little guests were first greeted with a goody table!

Now I knew that I wouldn’t survive this party if I literally had to use only the colors of the rainbow, so of course I had to incorporate some black in there! And I’m so glad I did. I think the black gave the primary colors a lot more of a pop!

For the goody table, I started by making treat bags for all the kids and filled them with all types of fun edible treats. I always give myself secret bonus points if I can fill the goody bags with theme-related treats (seriously, I have a problem!)

Inside the goody bags, I included rainbow goldfish, unicorn stickers, rainbow playdoh and unicorn rings.

For the actual party, I found a ton of fun unicorn rainbows headbands, rainbow glasses and bubbles for the kids to run around and play with!

I also made this simple but vibrant Happy Birthday banner to adorn our fireplace as one final indoor decor guests would see before heading outside.

Outside we set up tables for the guests to sit, eat and hopefully enjoy themselves!

For the food table, I found this super cute rainbow pool inflatable that I used as a decor piece. We actually put a bowl of pasta in there! Lol. I also bought a pack of silver Mylar balloons that said “CELEBRATE” and painted them to match more with our theme.

At the last minute I decided that the patio needed more color and I would make a super simple photo station backdrop using table cloths and some left over balloons I had. Even though the wind prevented me from getting a good photo, it added just the right pop of color to the area!

For the guest tables, I kept them simple with black table cloths and these cute rainbow unicorn themed centerpieces.

Finally, it was time to tackle the dessert table. What I finally decided on was to incorporate colored balloons to make what in my mind was a rainbow unicorn tail. Lol. I’m sure no one but me (and now you) knew that was the vision!

I always have a lot of help when it comes to the desserts (thankfully cause I can’t bake) and my family once again hit it out of the park!

The dessert table was filled with tons of fun, rainbow themed treats!

And let’s not forget to mention that cake (made by my super talented sister in law! Check her out on Instagram @talkoftheparty). When you cut inside the cake, there was a rainbow inside!!

The final piece that brought this whole party together was the birthday girl’s outfit! Remember how I mentioned that I have the most helpful family?? Well I forgot to mention that they are also extremely talented!

They made this adorable outfit for my daughter and she loved it!

Even though I couldn’t compete with that, I decided to jump in on the fun and wear a tutu of my own! I also made these cute shirts for the boys (aka my husband and son) so they could get in on the action!

Here is what I came up with:

And finally, check out this amazing balloon arch that my cousins and Aunt made for the party!!

After some finishing touches like a unicorn themed jumper, a rainbow piñata and yes even a rainbow restroom sign, the party decor was complete!!

We hope you enjoyed reading about all things Unicorns and Rainbows!! And now, onto the next one!!

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