F.R.I.E.N.D.S Themed Dessert Table

There’s something really important you should probably know about me. I believe FRIENDS is the greatest TV show ever made and we simply cannot be friends (pun intended) if you think otherwise!!! Ok, maybe that’s being a little dramatic, but it really is my all time favorite show and I know I’m not alone in that sentiment. So when my sister, who is also a diehard fan, turned 30 last year, I knew just the theme I wanted to do for her dessert table.


My sister has the fortune (or bad fortune depending on how you look at it lol) of being born on New Years Eve. Every year she basically has to share her birthday with one of the biggest celebrating days of the year! And every year her birthday tends to get overlooked as we go about preparing for the new year. Since 30 is a big milestone, I wanted to do something simple but special to celebrate her and this is what I came up with.

You know how I keep saying I’m a big FRIENDS fan, well that fandom thankfully served a purpose when it came to creating a backdrop! Many moons ago my husband (then boyfriend) gifted me a replica of the poster that sits in Monica and Rachel’s apartment. And just in case you need a refresher….


So it really was a no brainer that I would use that as the focal point of my backdrop! I also made this themed banner to drape over the front of the poster, making sure to use the FRIENDS font and of course the strategically placed colored dots!


My most favorite part of the whole table was actually an afterthought. Once I had finished assembling the table, I felt like it was missing some keys elements of the show like the signature orange couch or even a coffee mug!

Now in a perfect world I would have started to plan this dessert table weeks, if not months, in advance and would have realized I was missing things much sooner. But alas, I am more of procrastinator at heart and didn’t actually decide on even doing this table until 3 hours before she was set to be at my house. (Sigh, I know!) The idea of going out and buying things to spruce up the table was not an option so I decided to make some centerpiece sticks to add the elements I felt were missing…thus my favorite part of the table was born.

I ended up making 7 centerpieces total: the yellow picture frame around the purple door, the orange couch, a smelly cat, a coffee cup with the words Central Perk written on it, a turkey (a la Monica), a lobster, and the words How You Doin?

We usually try to make our own desserts for home parties and even try to make them match the theme. But since it was New Years Eve and time was not on our side, we opted for store bought goodies this time around. I made these cute cupcake toppers to spruce up the mini cupcakes and made a cake topper to add to the cake.


Finally I added some final FRIENDS themed decor I had lying around the house. Seriously, it was lying around! Like this turkey I conveniently found at Target a month prior!


I also found this large picture frame balloon at our local Five Below store that I intended to use for a future party. But after looking at it, I thought it kind of resembled the famous yellow picture frame that went on Monica’s door so I decided to blow it up and use it.


And just in case you needed a reminder of what I’m talking about…

Friends Monica peephole door frame

Credit: ABC

Lastly, I made the birthday girl and my nephew some matching FRIENDS themed shirts to wear for the big day.


And there you have it! A fun, simple and rather easy to set up FRIENDS themed dessert table for the friend-addict in your life!


We hope you enjoyed reading about how we set up this fun dessert table. For more photos of our parties and crafts, you can find us on instagram @partiesbypeggy.

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