Captain America Birthday Party

If you’re a Captain America fan, you know that his arch nemesis is Red Skull. And if you’ve ever thrown a party in your life (which I assume you have since you are here) then our arch nemesis might be the same and he definitely has a name! Let’s call him Mr. Wind!!! (cue intense dun dun dun music).

You see, Mr. Wind likes to rear his ugly head at the most inopportune times. He never comes when he should and always appears when he shouldn’t. And that’s exactly what he did on the day of my son’s 4th birthday party.

Now I’ve thrown enough parties to learn not to sweat the small stuff. But it can be slightly unnerving to put all the time and energy into planning just to watch it fall down, literally, because of the wind. On this day I had to consciously remind myself that celebrating my son’s birthday, making sure he’s having a blast and sharing the day with friends and family is way more important than making sure everything looks perfect (although I may have had to remind myself of that several times that day). But ultimately, we all had a blast and everything turned out exactly how it was meant to!

For this party, I didn’t spend too much time on front door decor like I have in parties of the past. Maybe I subconsciously knew it would all get blown away in the wind anyhow! lol. What I did do was create this Captain America themed “wreath” to hang on our front door. I will say that I severely underestimated how long this would actually take to make but I love the bold colors and the subtle impact it made.

I’m a big fan of bold entrances. Clearly. And Captain America’s colors helped make the bold entrance of my dreams! As soon as guests walked in, they were greeted with all the Red, White and Blue I could find. I covered the ceiling with blue, silver and red stars and used crepe paper for a dramatic effect leading toward the backyard where the party was taking place. All balloon credit goes to my uber talented cousin who not only made the two balloon columns but also the balloon shield on the wall.

I cut and painted the HEROES WELCOME out of poster board and adhered it to the wall with painters tape. Since this was a Captain America themed party, we bought capes and masks for all the kids to wear. This picture was the calm before the storm!

Remember how I mentioned Mr. Wind in the beginning? Well that’s where things start to go a little awry. Originally I had planned to do a balloon backdrop for the dessert table. But the moment I woke up and saw the trees moving, I knew it was going to be impossible to do. So plan B was set into motion. I had some left over tassel garland from a different project and decided it would have to serve as the backdrop to the large Captain America shield I had made. The balloon columns were moved outside to give the table a little more oomph! Even though we never got that “perfect picture,” I’m pretty sure the smile on his face means we nailed it!

My insanely talented sister-in-law made his birthday cake. Yes, that’s a cake!! You can see more of her amazing creations on her Instagram page @talkoftheparty.

For the rest of the dessert table, we really just pretended like it was the 4th of July! lol. We made three tiered jello, rice Krispy treats in the shape of stars, cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries and my sons favorite, red licorice!

So here’s a fun story! About a month before his birthday, my son came up to me and said “Mom, did you know Captain America is coming to my party? The real one!” Obviously I had no idea what he was talking about and so I played along long enough to go find my husband and see if he knows what was up. When I asked him, he equally had no idea where our son got that information from. I originally brushed it off as something a soon to be 4 year old says but as days would go by, he would talk about it more and more. One day I walked in on him telling my mom (his Nana) that Captain America was coming and he was so darn excited! Now I know at that point I should have righted the wrong, fixed it before it kept going. But what did I do instead? I started googling Captain America entertainers! Lol. And that is how Captain America ended up making an appearance at our party.

And little did I know, that some family members were going to show up ready for the action as well! LOL.

There were just a few finishing touches that we added to make this party complete! Like a Captain America themed piñata that his Tia got for him!

And we obviously can’t forget about my personal favorite…bathroom decor!!

Overall, despite a hard start with the wind, my son had a blast and his 4th birthday party was a wrap!

Until next time!

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Themed Dessert Table

There’s something really important you should probably know about me. I believe FRIENDS is the greatest TV show ever made and we simply cannot be friends (pun intended) if you think otherwise!!! Ok, maybe that’s being a little dramatic, but it really is my all time favorite show and I know I’m not alone in that sentiment. So when my sister, who is also a diehard fan, turned 30 last year, I knew just the theme I wanted to do for her dessert table.


My sister has the fortune (or bad fortune depending on how you look at it lol) of being born on New Years Eve. Every year she basically has to share her birthday with one of the biggest celebrating days of the year! And every year her birthday tends to get overlooked as we go about preparing for the new year. Since 30 is a big milestone, I wanted to do something simple but special to celebrate her and this is what I came up with.

You know how I keep saying I’m a big FRIENDS fan, well that fandom thankfully served a purpose when it came to creating a backdrop! Many moons ago my husband (then boyfriend) gifted me a replica of the poster that sits in Monica and Rachel’s apartment. And just in case you need a refresher….


So it really was a no brainer that I would use that as the focal point of my backdrop! I also made this themed banner to drape over the front of the poster, making sure to use the FRIENDS font and of course the strategically placed colored dots!


My most favorite part of the whole table was actually an afterthought. Once I had finished assembling the table, I felt like it was missing some keys elements of the show like the signature orange couch or even a coffee mug!

Now in a perfect world I would have started to plan this dessert table weeks, if not months, in advance and would have realized I was missing things much sooner. But alas, I am more of procrastinator at heart and didn’t actually decide on even doing this table until 3 hours before she was set to be at my house. (Sigh, I know!) The idea of going out and buying things to spruce up the table was not an option so I decided to make some centerpiece sticks to add the elements I felt were missing…thus my favorite part of the table was born.

I ended up making 7 centerpieces total: the yellow picture frame around the purple door, the orange couch, a smelly cat, a coffee cup with the words Central Perk written on it, a turkey (a la Monica), a lobster, and the words How You Doin?

We usually try to make our own desserts for home parties and even try to make them match the theme. But since it was New Years Eve and time was not on our side, we opted for store bought goodies this time around. I made these cute cupcake toppers to spruce up the mini cupcakes and made a cake topper to add to the cake.


Finally I added some final FRIENDS themed decor I had lying around the house. Seriously, it was lying around! Like this turkey I conveniently found at Target a month prior!


I also found this large picture frame balloon at our local Five Below store that I intended to use for a future party. But after looking at it, I thought it kind of resembled the famous yellow picture frame that went on Monica’s door so I decided to blow it up and use it.


And just in case you needed a reminder of what I’m talking about…

Friends Monica peephole door frame

Credit: ABC

Lastly, I made the birthday girl and my nephew some matching FRIENDS themed shirts to wear for the big day.


And there you have it! A fun, simple and rather easy to set up FRIENDS themed dessert table for the friend-addict in your life!


We hope you enjoyed reading about how we set up this fun dessert table. For more photos of our parties and crafts, you can find us on instagram @partiesbypeggy.

Blippi Birthday Party!

🎶 So much to learn about, It will make you want to shout, BLIPPI!! 🎶

If you are the parent of a toddler, Blippi probably needs no introduction. A child entertainer and educator on YouTube, Blippi is most recognized for his super catchy songs and wardrobe staples that include a blue and orange beanie cap, orange suspenders, a bow tie and glasses. Seriously if you haven’t been subjected to countless hours of Blippi by your little one, you are truly missing out! Lol.

So you can probably imagine our excitement when we were asked to create a dessert table themed after this YouTube sensation!

We just love party themes that allow us to be creative and this one was the holy grail of that! We knew right off the bat we needed to incorporate Blippi’s outfit into the table (because after all, his clothing is what makes him Blippi) so we started by making some really big glasses to essentially serve as our backdrop!

Once the glasses were complete and on our white backdrop, we immediately knew something was missing. Quite frankly it was just too plain and didn’t exemplify the fun and colorful character we see in all his videos. After lots and lots of research (i.e. lots of YouTube watching), it finally dawned on us that there is definitely a theme to Blippi’s videos and that’s ball-pit balls!!

We knew we wanted to maintain the blue/orange color scheme so we separated those out and used them for the backdrop and saved the other colors for the table top.

If you haven’t already guessed, the party planning process can be slow and tedious (for us anyway) when we’re not 100 percent happy with the results. At this point, we loved the backdrop but still felt like we were missing something. (Insert that fun yellow emoji on your phone with his finger on his chin!) Thankfully the answer came to us in the form of Blippi’s hat and bow tie!!

We made both the hat and bow tie out of cardboard and poster paper and couldn’t be happier with how it tied the whole table together!

The final step was to decorate the table top and get it ready for all the goodies that would go on it!

To give the deserts some height, we filled up two orange buckets with the remaining balls we had and put the cake stands inside. We also knew we wanted to incorporate the Blippi introduction scene into the table so we created this faux iPad screen and put a still photo of the intro on it. We were convinced that only kids would understand what we were trying to do here but we were pleasantly surprised when adults recognized it too! (It’s really the little things that make us happy! Lol). We also made some themed cupcake toppers to really bring the whole table together.

The finally step was to add some buttons to the table and we were all done!

We can’t say enough how much we loved putting this dessert table together and we hope we’ve served enough inspiration so that you too can throw your very own Blippi Party!

Until next time!

Batman Party!

It’s birthday season around town and that makes us super excited! We get even more giddy when we get to help plan a birthday party for a theme we haven’t tackled before! Insert our first ever Batman party!!

Now it’s important to note that for this party, we were not the sole planners. If anything, I’d like to call ourselves the executioners. But we’ll talk more about that later. Lol.

For this party, our main responsibility was the dessert table and some surrounding decor (but truth be told this was a cute party so we’ll be sharing additional photos in case you need some inspiration!)

For the dessert table we wanted to keep it simple with some really clean lines. The highlight of this table was going to be the two skyline cupcake stands and we didn’t want to take away from that. (Side note: we bought these stands online and if you’ve ever put one of these together than you know what looks like a simple task can easily turn into an hour!)

Now if you’re a Batman fan, you know that he has come in an assortment of colors over the years. We’ve seen everything from purple and yellow to blue and navy to black and silver. For this party, we decided to stick to the blue Batman with hints of yellow. Thus, that our backdrop was born!

We purchased a Batman themed coloring book and painstakingly colored every single page with just the right amounts of blue and yellow. Ok maybe it wasn’t painstaking. In fact, maybe it was actually quiet calming and delightful! Lol.

After that was complete we scattered them in such a way that the right amount of color popped in the right places. We also made a large cutout of the Batman symbol to serve as the main focal point.

We cut out some Batman symbols to add some “razzle dazzle” to the candy jars and then at the last minute added the “NA NA NA NA.”

We also dressed up the cake a bit with a personalized cake topper!

Even though we were not in charge of desserts, it seems fitting to share the themed treats here just in case you need some extra inspo!

As the cake table decorators, our only request was that the cupcakes be yellow. We felt like that bright pop of color would be just what the table needed!

Lastly (or actually probably first) we added a black and white stripped table cloth that we’ve been dying to use at one of our parties. We truly think this simple addition from a tradition colored table cloth made all the difference and really helped the treats on the table stand out!

In terms of additional decor, we “executed” our clients idea by creating fake dynamite and money bags for each of the guest tables.

We also created and hung this “why so serious?” cutout that would sit above some of the guest tables.

The majority of the decor we worked on happened when the guests walked into the party. We decorated the front door to feel reminiscent of the first Batman movie (a la Michael Keaton) where it’s New York City and there are alley ways and the newspaper is blowing everywhere! Lol. I know, we are really reaching here!

Now we can’t take credit for these beautiful balloon stands but they’re just too pretty not to post!! What we did do to help add to the entrance was paint and hang these large GOTHAM letter balloons.

We also were in charge of decorating the goody bag table and we love how it turned out! For this table we tried to just use the supplies that we already had and since there was an enormous Pinata hanging around, what better way to dress up the table than to use it as a focal prop! We also created these fun “3D” bats to decorate the wall behind the table.

We also created this fun Batman themed banner to adorn the fireplace!

Lastly, we executed this awesome half faced Joker on the restroom wall that added just another fun element to the party!

We absolutely loved helping plan this party! We hope you enjoyed the pictures and that it provides you some inspiration for your own Batman party! Below are some final decor photos that helped make the party complete.

Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party!

The thing I had been dreading for months finally happened. My daughter asked me to throw her a Unicorn party for her 5th birthday. And not just any Unicorn party, but a Rainbow Unicorn party!! Now this is not a knock on all the beautiful Unicorn parties I’ve seen over the past year, but if you know anything about me, you know that it’s hard for me to find inspiration when my pallet consists of mainly pink and unicorns and rainbows! lol. I had to dig deep for this one. I literally changed my mind about a dozen times on decor but when it was finally all said and done, my daughter LOVED her rainbow unicorn party and I LOVED that it was complete! 😛

I’ve said this before but when I’m usually starting the party planning process, I always like to start with the dessert table and work my way out. Since I couldn’t decide on what that was going to look like, I saved it to the very end (and when I mean very end, I mean like the day before!). Instead, I decided to work my way from the beginning, which literally meant the front door!

I made this fun welcome sign that greeted guests before they came inside.

I also included a simple rainbow sign on the front door that directed guests to just come on in, since the majority of the party was taking place in the backyard and we didn’t want to miss hearing the bell ring.

When guests walked in, they were greeted with a big surprise!

We put these huge rainbow banners up a few days prior to the party and I’ll admit things felt just a little happier in our home! Lol. After walking through the rainbow arch, little guests were first greeted with a goody table!

Now I knew that I wouldn’t survive this party if I literally had to use only the colors of the rainbow, so of course I had to incorporate some black in there! And I’m so glad I did. I think the black gave the primary colors a lot more of a pop!

For the goody table, I started by making treat bags for all the kids and filled them with all types of fun edible treats. I always give myself secret bonus points if I can fill the goody bags with theme-related treats (seriously, I have a problem!)

Inside the goody bags, I included rainbow goldfish, unicorn stickers, rainbow playdoh and unicorn rings.

For the actual party, I found a ton of fun unicorn rainbows headbands, rainbow glasses and bubbles for the kids to run around and play with!

I also made this simple but vibrant Happy Birthday banner to adorn our fireplace as one final indoor decor guests would see before heading outside.

Outside we set up tables for the guests to sit, eat and hopefully enjoy themselves!

For the food table, I found this super cute rainbow pool inflatable that I used as a decor piece. We actually put a bowl of pasta in there! Lol. I also bought a pack of silver Mylar balloons that said “CELEBRATE” and painted them to match more with our theme.

At the last minute I decided that the patio needed more color and I would make a super simple photo station backdrop using table cloths and some left over balloons I had. Even though the wind prevented me from getting a good photo, it added just the right pop of color to the area!

For the guest tables, I kept them simple with black table cloths and these cute rainbow unicorn themed centerpieces.

Finally, it was time to tackle the dessert table. What I finally decided on was to incorporate colored balloons to make what in my mind was a rainbow unicorn tail. Lol. I’m sure no one but me (and now you) knew that was the vision!

I always have a lot of help when it comes to the desserts (thankfully cause I can’t bake) and my family once again hit it out of the park!

The dessert table was filled with tons of fun, rainbow themed treats!

And let’s not forget to mention that cake (made by my super talented sister in law! Check her out on Instagram @talkoftheparty). When you cut inside the cake, there was a rainbow inside!!

The final piece that brought this whole party together was the birthday girl’s outfit! Remember how I mentioned that I have the most helpful family?? Well I forgot to mention that they are also extremely talented!

They made this adorable outfit for my daughter and she loved it!

Even though I couldn’t compete with that, I decided to jump in on the fun and wear a tutu of my own! I also made these cute shirts for the boys (aka my husband and son) so they could get in on the action!

Here is what I came up with:

And finally, check out this amazing balloon arch that my cousins and Aunt made for the party!!

After some finishing touches like a unicorn themed jumper, a rainbow piñata and yes even a rainbow restroom sign, the party decor was complete!!

We hope you enjoyed reading about all things Unicorns and Rainbows!! And now, onto the next one!!

Peter Pan Themed 1st Birthday!

“So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land!”

Fun fact!! Even before my son was born, I knew his first birthday was going to be Peter Pan themed (I know, I know…crazy party lady coming thru!). The funny thing is, even though I was set on this, I’d never actually seen Peter Pan in its entirety!! 😬 So when I set out to make my own little Neverland, I had to refresh my memory on all things Pan!

Oddly enough, the one thing I did remember and knew I wanted to incorporate was when the kids were leaving Wendy’s room and flying past the clock tower. I didn’t necessarily want this to be apart of the cake table, since I consider that the central feature of the party, but I definitely knew it needed to be somewhere! Hence, the give-away table was born:

Little (and Big) guests of the party were able to walk away with wings (a la Tinkerbell), hooks and eye patches (a la Captain Hook), swords (a la The Lost Boys) and hats made to resemble Peter Pan himself! Kiddos also left the party with some fun goodies in a bag, of course decorated in theme!

Probably my most favorite part of the party was the dessert table, mostly because I’m a sucker for maps! I inherited this black chalkboard months prior and never really had a genuine use for it until now. A few quick strokes with some chalk, and we had ourselves a Neverland map! (Also I’m totally lying about the “quick” part!)

I don’t normally focus too much attention on the food table but this theme gave us so much inspiration that it was hard not too!! We decided to incorporate Captain Hook’s ship into the design and strategically arranged dinner to look like the crocodile that took his hand! Add a DIY sail and treasure chest and you’ve got yourself a ship. We also arranged the napkins to look like Peter Pan’s hat. It’s the little things that count right? Lol.

Now no first birthday is complete without an age banner and high chair decor! We wanted to obviously keep with the theme of the party so lots of greens and red feathers were used!

Now that we had all the essentials for the party, the last thing to do was add in some finishing touches to the guest tables and surrounding decor. We knew we wanted to create a directional sign that the guests could see as soon as they stepped into the backyard and this was our end result:

We tried to keep the centerpieces simple but on theme.

We also included silhouettes of Tinkerbell and Peter Pan to continue with that Neverland feel.

Finally, because we had a little extra time, we created this boat photo prop out of cardboard!

And that pretty much sums up our take on a Peter Pan party! Thanks so much for reading!

Ironically this was not a costume party!!! 😂

Pumpkin Patch Party!

Seeing as though October is my absolute favorite month of the year, what better theme to have then a pumpkin patch party for my very own little pumpkin!!

As the title obviously states, we couldn’t have a pumpkin patch party without having our very own patch for the kids to pick pumpkins from! I knew I wanted to have a “grand” entrance for the little ones so we created this wood welcome sign and adorned it with all things Autumn! We added some hay and fencing (and pumpkins of course) to help make the kids feel like they were really at a pumpkin patch.

To tie into the theme, we made this adorable tutu for the birthday girl to dress up as a cute harvest scarecrow!

Maybe our favorite part of the whole party was getting to decorate her dessert table! We handmade a “Georgia is Two” banner and decorated the table with a bunch of seasonal goodies and fresh sunflowers. Finally we topped of the bundt cake (which we purchased from Nothing Bundt cakes) with a personalized cake topper! We absolutely love how it all turned out.

For table decor, we fell in love with these custom made pumpkin centerpieces arranged with succulents.  The best part is after the party we were able to plant these pumpkins in our yard to keep them growing! After a little bit of time in the garden, it was clear that I do not have a green thumb and should stick with party planning!

For the little guests, we had real life ponies that they could take a ride on! The kids loved this and even had different props to choose from to wear on their ride.

Finally, for some finishing touches, we added some fall themed decor to the food and drink tables. Plus we included a fall themed photo stand cut out so kids and adults could take a picture and keep as a momento!

We seriously can’t believe our little pumpkin is 2!!

Lumberjack Bash!

Nothing gets us more excited than tackling a birthday theme that allows us to be creative! If you’ve ever thrown a lumberjack party before or are in the midst of planning one, then you know you can’t just run down to your local Target and pick up a bunch of party supplies (although do we really need a reason to run to Target?)

With this party, we knew we wanted it to have a woodsy feel, without crossing over into a woodland themed one (although we love us some woodland creatures!). What we came up with is, in our super biased opinion, a party fit for a little Lumberjack!

To keep the dessert table in-line with the theme, we made these super cute beard cupcake toppers.

While we are definitely not in the baking business, we were able to come up with some simple, yet clever treats that the guests would love, but that also tied into our theme!

And last, but certainly not least, let’s talk about that cake!! We were incredibly fortunate to know a baker who could help bring our vision to life. Her cakes and cookies are literally a work of art; so much so that we didn’t want to cut the cake!! But some could argue, the inside of this cake might have been the best part of all. For more of her work, check out her Instagram page @talkoftheparty.

Finally, after adding some additional themed decor, we had our dessert table!

For this event, we knew right away that we wanted the party decorations to include more than just flannels and axes…we wanted a cabin! We drew on the internet for inspiration because lets face it, we don’t get to visit many cabins while living in sunny southern California. What we came up with was a pretty cool backdrop to house all the party take-aways for the kids attending that day.

Each kiddo attending got an inflatable axe, a felt beard and little sack with chocolate milk and teddy grahams inside. If you haven’t noticed by now, we’re suckers for themes!!

For this party, all of the guests were asked to wear some type of flannel shirt and earned extra points if they grew out their beard! After many guests obliged the request, we knew that we needed to capture these moments with some type of photo station. We wanted to avoid using a traditional photo booth set up (i.e. a large stand with a curtain backdrop) because we wanted an opportunity to continue to showcase the Lumberjack theme. What we came up with was a way that we could do both! (Disclaimer: We are in no way artists. lol. Seriously!)

Our photo prop options

At the beginning stages of the party planning process, we knew we wanted some type of axe throwing target…cause isn’t that what Lumberjacks do? The idea to incorporate an actual Lumberjack photo prop came much later in the planning process, but we’re so glad we made it. It really added a fun element to the party. Lastly the lumber mill was a fun photo prop that families (or at least more than one person) could use to capture their matching flannels. To add some extra personalization to the prop, we made the Lumber Mill sign as well as the ribbon banner that adorns it.

There’s that cake again!

Since the guest of honor was turning 2, we decided to decorate his high chair with a personalized birthday banner to make for extra-special cake cutting pictures.

After adding a few more theme-y props to the party, we officially had ourselves a Lumberjack Bash!!!

Mommy & the Birthday Boy

We truly hoped you enjoyed our first Parties by Peggy and Trisha blog post! We would love to hear your feedback! Likes? Dislikes? Feel free to comment below.

To see more of our work, please visit our Instagram page @PartiesbyPeggy. We also have an Etsy shop under the same name.

Dinosaur Themed 1st Birthday!

Over the weekend, we had the chance to step back in time to the Prehistoric era with this super fun dinosaur themed birthday party! This party was dear to our heart since it was for the son of two of our best friends…and because we love them so much, we knew we had to step up our game in the decor department! Lol. After many (many) back and forth text messages about all things dinosaur, we were ready to start creating!! Since we wanted guests to feel like they were stepping back in time, we knew the decor at the entry way was going to be key to setting the tone…which is why we decided on this 3D T-Rex head as the perfect welcome sign!

Now our friends are probably two of the most easy going people you will ever meet (well one of them anyway! 😂) so they truly let us do our thing when it came to decorating. They only had one request in this whole process and that request came in the form kraft paper!

We essentially turned their entry way into a magical dinosaur kingdom and we absolutely loved the result! Check out the video below for a quick peek of what guests saw when they arrived!

Next up was the dessert table!! Traditionally, when we decorate a themed dessert table, it’s literally just one table. Because the dinosaur theme had so many elements we could play with and enhance, we made the decision to add on a second! And we’re so glad we did!

We knew from the start that all the desserts on the table were going to be dinosaur themed so we incorporated these food place cards to keep the consistency going.

Since the majority of the party was to take place outside, we incorporated a few more indoor decorations before we put our focus outdoors.

Dinosaur window cling on the door leading to the backyard

Dinosaur garland adorning the fireplace

Because how else will people know where the bathroom is at?!?

Everybody loves a good giveaway table so next we focused our energy on these adorable boxes, filled with all the goodies a kiddo could want! We also created an “Adopt a Dinosaur” space so kids could take one as they arrived.

Now no first birthday party would be complete without an adorable high chair banner to adorn the cake eating process!

Fun fact time: We are not artists! Not by a long shot! Lol! But something about blank chalkboards makes us want to color all over them! We already knew we wanted to highlight his year of “firsts;” So when you combine that with our love of chalkboards, you get this:

From the very start of the party planning process, we knew we wanted to incorporate terrariums somehow, we just didn’t know where. It finally dawned on us that they would make great centerpieces for the guests tables. After scouring different stores for already made terrariums, we decided that they didn’t quite fit our needs and we needed to make our own. We have to say, these centerpieces just might be our favorite part of the whole party!!

Ok so we just lied about the terrariums being our favorite part…mostly because we forgot about how adorable this dinosaur growth banner turned out!! It’s so amazing to see how much this little guy has grown in a year!

We added some final touches to the backyard before finally feeling like the party was ready to begin!

Dig In sign with an accompanying pool for kids to play in

Dinosaur directional sign with matching dino eggs

And finally, the party would not be complete without these dinosaur themed shirts that we made. We love them so much!

And that, friends, is a wrap on the dinosaur party!!

Target party!!

If you know us, you know Target is pretty much our second home (I mean, isn’t it everyone’s?). So when we were asked to plan a Target themed birthday party for a soon-to-be 5 year old, we jumped at the opportunity!! And then we visited Target many, many times for strictly research purposes of course! What we came up with, we think, was a fun homage to our favorite store, while also having some fun in the process.

We knew right off the bat that we wanted to create a grand Target entrance for guests when they walked in and what better way to do that then to recreate their famous red balls that flank the entrance.

Even though “Target” isn’t necessarily the most popular kid themed birthday party around, it doesn’t mean we can’t make it kid friendly! Enter: Bullseye’s Playground (formerly known as the dollar spot).

Instead of traditional goody bags, all kiddos in attendance were allowed to “go shopping.” Each were given a Target shopping bag and were able to pick a toy or two from the red bins. To make sure it really felt like Target, we recreated their yellow price tags to include the name of the goodies they were getting. We also wanted to highlight the birthday girl by making her “Team Member of the Month!” We included adorable photos of her shopping at her actual Target.

The majority of the party was going to be held outside so we used that opportunity to add some more Target themed decor to the sliding door.

Now no trip to Target would be complete without a stop at Starbucks!!

Since we already had a full dessert table, we chose to make this table simple: with just a few extra sweet treats and drinks.

One of the things we knew right away when we said yes to all things Target was that we wanted to incorporate their advertisements in some way. After some back and forth, we decided to use them as our backdrop for the dessert table. And we’re so glad we did!

Here are a few up close pictures of all the goodies they had to offer!

For the food table, we made and printed a large Target Cafe sign to hang above. In keeping with the theme, guests chowed down on hot dogs, pizza, pretzels, nachos and even Target popcorn!!

For the guest tables, we kept it pretty simple and just focused on the centerpieces.

Finally, we brought a little of the inside of Target outside but adding isle numbers and directory names to the patio pillars. And probably our favorite part of the entire party was this diy product scanner we made! Lol.

Finally let’s talk about backyard decor! To add some finishing touches to the party, we had real Target promotional photos blown up and adorned on the fence!

Last (and maybe the thing that made us most excited about the whole party) was the Target shopping cart!! Now I’m sure many of you are wondering how we got the cart to the party. I promise, we did everything by the book! Lol. And we’re so glad we did because it really brought the whole party to the next level!! We used the awesome prop to hold gifts that the guests brought.

For a photo prop, we recreated the famous Target red card and personalized it for the birthday girl.

Lastly, we added some final decor to bring everything together.

We know this was a long post so if you’ve made it this far, thank you! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about this party just as much as we enjoyed planning it!!

Are you thinking about planning a Target party? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below! 🙂